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Alexa, Set the Table

Turkey √

Dressing √

Gravy √

Yams √

Deviled Eggs √

Cranberry Sauce √

Lots of wine √

Beautiful dining table that wows all of your crazy family even if it is just for one meal and you never eat at that table again until Christmas.....

Getting IG worthy pics isn't the only reason to set a stunning table for the holidays. A beautiful table setting is a mood setter for guests and peek into your personal style and personality. Even if your turkey is dry, you family and friends will appreciate the effort you put into the table scape for this special occasion. Here are few tips for decorating a table that is perfectly you!

  • Greenery or florals are a must! Whether you use garland to weave down the center of your table or arrangements in a vase, any kind of foliage brings a little bit of nature into your space. The trick is just to make sure you don't go so high that you can't see Aunt Sally's face when she tries your dry turkey. Keep the foliage below or above eye level so your guests can all mingle.

  • Set your place settings using this casual setting guide. Don't leave your guests uncomfortable, because they can't figure out which fork to use. Also, ditch the paper disposables, and go for cloth napkins and your pretty plates! This style is comfortable for all ages, but still gives the special vibes.

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  • Incorporate a gift into your place settings - a little something meaningful your guests can take with their leftovers. Maybe a mini pumpkin, real or faux, with a note of thanks to each person. This can also double as a place card so old Aunt Sally doesn't end up right next to your food smearing 2 year old.

  • Lastly, add at least one or two items that you really love into your table scape. For us, we'll take all the basket weave and copper we can add. The warmth of those textures and colors just make us smile and our guests will too! If they don't smile and laugh while we're gathered around, they can take home the dry turkey!

All items from this table scape are linked here!



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