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How to: Build A Nest for Your Baby Bird

Are those nesting instincts kicking in? We've got you covered. Here at Three Little Birds, we know a thing or two about building nests. Follow along for a few tips to build your baby bird the perfect place to spread their wings.

This farmhouse-style nursery gives us all the baby bird vibes. By choosing all white base furniture, you are able to incorporate color in places that catch the eye. The wood floors and wall decor create a homey feeling, while the pops of greenery seem to crisp this nursery up.

Note that this nest can grow with its baby bird. Once your baby makes their way out of the crib stage, you'll potentially only need to swap out the crib and rocking chair for a big kid bed and bean bag chair. Using decor that is age-neutral can be a game changer in your nest.

Incorporate storage into your decor to reduce clutter. By thinking of ways to store items stylishly, you can prevent unnecessary corner clutter. These rattan accent baskets act as decor, but also help you store your baby bird's necessities. We used this rustic wooden wall hanger to create a place for blankets, diaper bags, shoes, jackets, and anything that could potentially end up in a corner on the floor somewhere.

We want nothing but the best for you and your baby bird. Shop some of our favorite baby nursery decor in-store or by clicking the pics down below. Happy nesting!



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