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My Boho Home: Collage Walls

Let's talk collage walls! We have so many people ask all the questions. What do I put on a collage wall? How do I arrange a collage wall? How close together should my collage items be? Well, Part 2 of our My Boho Home is going to explain it all!

When choosing items, don't think matchy-matchy, think varied, but cohesive. Go with varied sizes, shapes and textures, but cohesive colors that complement your space. You can see that Christi's collage wall contains textures of wood, greenery, metal, and glass. Items are round, square, rectangle. But the colors are all natural, black, white and green, which are complementary colors with each other and the space. And most importantly, choose items that make you smile: your favorite family photos, decor that you think is beautiful, quotes or words that mean something to you (but not too many), and items that represent you and your life.

Now that you've chosen items, it's time to think about placement. Placement is equally as important as selection. Use butcher paper or wrapping paper to trace and cut out each item. Measure your wall space and then tape that out on an open floor space. Painters tape works great for this. Once your boundaries are set, you can start playing with the layout. Balance and spacing are key here. Each color, texture, and shape should be distributed as evenly as possible throughout the wall. For example, instead of putting the circles side by side, they are in two different spots. The greenery shows up in more than one spot as well. Notice the black elements are on each side of the wall for balance, and while there is only one large white item, it pulls up the color of the trim and wainscoting. Balance the items so that no area is too heavy with one color, texture, or shape. As for spacing, just make sure you are filling the area, while evenly spacing the items, and there should be more filled space than empty wall space.

Before you start willy nilly nailing, here's an easy trick to getting those holes in right spot the first time. In the templates you made for each item, poke a hole where the nail will be. Then use that template to put your nail in the wall, and place your first item. Once you have one item up on the wall, do the same for all the others.

Let's review!

DON'T have too many colors - stay cohesive and coordinating.

DO choose varied shapes, sizes, and textures.

DON'T have too many wordy items.

DO make templates and use them to plan.

DON'T have too much empty space on your wall.

DO pat yourself on the back for what you just created!

Need some ideas for your collage wall? Visit our WALL DECOR COLLECTION and FLORAL COLLECTION for some great finds!



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