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My Boho Home: Guest Bedroom

Welcome to the final installment of the My Boho Home blog series! Who's ready for some guest bedroom tips? Even if you don't have guests often, the guest bedroom is so fun to decorate, because if you're like us, it's the one room in the house that might stand a chance of staying clean and tidy for more than 24 hours! Here are some great tips for having an awesome guest room that your friends and family will love and you might escape to yourself.

We love LAYERS! Clean, neutral bedding with lots of layers is so soothing and inviting. Here we have a quilt layered with a throw blanket and tray and pillows layered with more pillows. All in the same neutral color family, but lots of textures and details. - PILLOWS - THROWS -

Make it PERSONAL! Add a touch of you to the space. Christi shares her love of music with guests through this collage wall of record covers. Don't settle for stock artwork here unless it's something you absolutely love. Give your guests something to talk about!

Keep it INTERESTING! Your guests are inevitably going to need some alone time. Why not give them something to do? If you have a nightstand by the bed or a tray on the bed, leave something fun for them to do. Maybe a cool tic tac toe game or your favorite magazines or photography books.

Last two tips: Always have a touch GREENERY, keep it fresh with a TLB CANDLE, and for goodness sake, give them the WIFI CODE!

Check out the whole house photo tour here:



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