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Boho Meets Farmhouse for Christmas

Boho Farmhouse is definitely a trend we can get on board with! Checkout the before and after of our Christmas tree and the how-to guide for getting this look.

For this look we combined farmhouse plaid ribbon and natural textures of macrame and wood with a splash of gold. Here is a quick step-by-step guide of how we decorated the tree:

  1. Skip the DIY technique that makes your tree permanently flocked and your floor a flocking mess. Instead opt for flocked greenery to add lots of texture to an ordinary tree and give that flocked look everyone loves! Garlands can be wrapped around the tree or disassembled and used like picks. (Find flocked picks and garlands here.)

  2. However you choose to wrap your ribbon, be sure to cinch and tuck here and there so your tree doesn't look like mummy. It's not halloween anymore, friends.

  3. Wood beads are a boho staple! Let your natural, white or warm wood beads drape throughout the tree. Find Wood Bead Garland here.

  4. Add balls with lots of different finishes (glossy, glittery, matte). For the boho look, we're going for all the texture we can get without adding color.

  5. For even more neutral texture, choose statement ornaments like our macrame snowflakes and gold bells, and place them evenly throughout the tree. Find Macrame Ornaments here. Find Gold Bells here.

If you go boho this year, post your pics in our Facebook group here! We can't wait to see what look you create!



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