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It's a Classic Farmhouse Christmas

With all the trends and flash-in-the-pan fads, sometimes a classic Christmas is just what Santa ordered! So pull out those old ornaments, add a few new ones, and get your space looking like a winter wonderland! Here are some ideas that we incorporated for a classic farmhouse look...

Of course, starting with a flocked tree will most definitely give you all the farmhouse feels, but you can also add in a variety of floral pics to give texture and dimension. Here are some picks we used in this tree: Snowy Picks. Other elements that will make your tree feel like a classic winter wonderland are woodsy ornaments. The woven wood balls and frosted bird house ornaments bring in the rustic outdoors. Adding several of each throughout your tree will also bring a few consistent pieces to your overall look. You could stop here if you are going for the full winter white out, but we really love the pop of red these cardinal ornaments bring to the tree, especially if you have any red Christmas decor in other areas of your space.

Now on to the mantle!

The number one thing that will make your Christmas look cohesive is to bring elements from your tree to your mantle. Not exact all the exact same items, but just a few. Here we have a flocked garland with the same snowball garland we used in the tree and a white bead garland to compliment and add dimension.

No winter wonderland is complete without a few trees to add to the mix. With all the white, you need something to ground the look. We added these metal tree candle holder sets, and they did the trick and look beautiful! Peep the little tree on the table below too. Another way to create easy transitions to all the little vignettes in your house.

If you do all this decorating while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you will surely be full of good cheer!



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