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Love Letter to Our Birdwatchers

To our Birdwatcher family,

2020 was a uniquely challenging and unprecedented year in all of our lives, and our business was no exception. It required lots of hard work and creativity from us and the rest of our staff to pivot and grow during this time. Our dedicated customers, friends, and family (that's you!), have carried us through a period that many small businesses did not survive. Unfortunately, it's not over.

We are calling this our love letter because we want to thank you for your unwavering support, love, and patience, but we also want to give you the inside scoop on what to expect for the second half of 2021, especially as you plan for your holiday shopping here at Three Little Birds and at other retail stores. Here are some excerpts from the companies that we partner with explaining what is going on with the supply chain in the US.

What does this mean?

Limited stock and price increases can be expected from all retailers across the board. The effects of manufacturing shutdowns earlier this year are just now making their way to consumers, and the cost of even basic goods like shopping bags and packing paper are steadily increasing. We are here to navigate all of this with you, and we are so thankful that you continue to support us. All small businesses need your support this year. We will continue to work tirelessly to find the best deals, deliver the best quality goods, and do it all in a timely manner with a smile on our faces. Through the upcoming holiday season, we hope that you will keep choosing us as your home decor one stop shop, your gift buying go-to, and of course, your place to laugh your worries away and feel like family.

Because of you, we have taken our business from local brick and mortar store to a full e-commerce website that has reached almost every state in US with our goods, we have increased our charitable contributions to support a variety of worthy causes, and we have prospered. Thank you again for the love you've shown Three Little Birds through all of this. We can't wait to see where the rest of the year takes us together!


Christi and Erin



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