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The Birds' Guide to Gifting

Raise your hand (or glass) if you know at least one person who is getting married or having a baby. If you are 25 years old or older, it has probably begun and It. Does. Not. End....Ever. After the one hundred fifty four thousandth shower, you might be tempted to just grab a gift card, but don't do it! The birds have you covered. Check out our guide to gifting below!

First Comes Love

Every newly engaged couple needs a little congrats! You don't have to splurge here, but a little gift acknowledging this milestone for the couple will show them how excited you are for the festivities to begin! Check out some of our must have bachelorette gifts here.

Then Comes Marriage

Lots of couples have registries at big box stores full of practical gifts like small kitchen appliances and guest towels, but adding a personal touch to your gift by picking out something extra special for the bride and groom will make your gift truly complete.

Find everything from beautiful wall art with love quotes and scripture to bride and groom coffee mugs here. Gift them all the things they didn't know they were missing!

Then Comes The Baby In The Baby Carriage

You just found out that everyone you know is having a baby and you have at least 5 showers in the next month. Bottles and baby bath tubs are a must for a new moms, but a gift is not complete without the sweet plush rattles and funny onesies that will make your present one-of-a-kind. We continue to expand our baby and children section of the store to include the most precious pieces. Find them all here.



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