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Win Big in our State Competition

Kicking off June 17 and running through July 1! A little friendly competition with a BIG BIG win!

Here are the details:

~ Spread the TLB website and live sales with everyone you know who lives in your state. Tell them how much you love shopping with us! Get them to buy a little something or a lot of something.

~ We'll count the number of customers who purchase from each state. Doesn't matter how big or small the purchase, EVERY SINGLE customer in the winning state will win a prize!

~ The person in that state who spends the most will get an in-person visit from Christi and Erin. That's right! We're taking YOU to dinner in YOUR hometown! Where are we going??? Who's it gonna be???

*don't worry NC, we haven't forgotten about you! We are splitting NC into two sections - Johnston County and everyone else ! One of these groups will win big too!

Let's do this!!!



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