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Birds' Guide: Staging a Dresser

Staging a dresser can be difficult. Gone are the days of attached mirrors, and you should fight every urge to use your dresser as a television stand. It might be functional, but it definitely isn't pretty (although your significant other might disagree). Fight!

Start with a large mirror/artwork: Making it a larger piece helps anchor it to the piece of furniture below. Choose a piece that fills about 2/3 of the furniture. Don’t go any bigger than the furniture itself. Hang it 6-10” above your furniture to help make it look connected to the piece.

Lighting is another staple for a perfectly staged dresser. A great table lamp creates softness and ambience in a bedroom space. Choose a lamp size that coordinates well with the piece of furniture. A large dresser should pair with a large lamp and shade.

Plants & Greenery are a great way to add color, texture, depth and life to your space. Every space in your house should incorporate an element of greenery.

Trays, Baskets & Containers help keep the room tidy and free from cluttered items. Use trays/containers for loose jewelry, lotions, perfumes, etc. You can also stage your tray with a few small items that you love.

Get personal! Of all the spaces in your house, this is one you can really personalize with things that are special to you. Wedding and family photos are a great way to warm up a dresser with something to make you smile. Trinkets, family heirlooms and other small items help connect and make the home feel warm and inviting.

Once you have these staple elements you can fill in where you see fit. Keep your ends balanced. If you have larger items on one end, it's usually more appealing to the eye when you balance the other side with larger items. Avoid cluttering with too many small items scattered everywhere. And lastly, always group objects in odd numbers. If you love this look, we've linked items below in the SHOP THIS LOOK section.




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