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Farmhouse What?!?!

We all know that farmhouse style has evolved over the past few years, and on last Thursday's live sale, we were throwing out all sorts of names for the newest trends: Modern Farmhouse, Industrial Farmhouse, Boho Farmhouse, Rustic Farmhouse. You might have been thinking, isn't farmhouse, farmhouse? They may all be equally stunning and beautiful, but there are very specific elements that qualify each look. The real beauty of farmhouse is that every sub-style is warm and inviting and feels like home. And you can always combine elements of each style to create something perfectly your own.

Here's a break down:

Modern Farmhouse: Clean, light, neutral colors, wood elements, soft greenery, galvanized metals, shiplap

Industrial Farmhouse: lots of wood and dark metal combinations, exposed pipes, greenery, other elements are light, white and simple.

Boho Farmhouse: lots and lots of neutral texture, macrame, fur, light wood, carved wood, rattan, pampas grass, real (or looks really real) plants. This look is all about texture and a relaxed, cozy, other-than-keeping-the-plants-alive-I-didn't-try-too-hard feel.

Rustic Farmhouse: distressed painted wood, chippy accessories, greenery and florals, chicken wire, galvanized metal, milk pitchers, cows, roosters, chickens, all things that are vintage or look vintage.

Bottom line is don't be afraid to choose items you love and incorporate them into your home. It is absolutely okay to have industrial elements and rustic elements in the same space. In fact, in each of these example pics, you can find at least one or two items that could seamlessly fit in one of the other spaces. Farmhouse is home and home is up to you! You can find all things farmhouse at


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