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My Boho Home: Table Scape

Welcome to the 1st installment in the My Boho Home blog series, where we'll be inviting you into Christi's home to share decorating and design tips and, of course, lots of pictures!

The decorating area we are probably most well known for is the dining room. If you visit our store, you will most likely see our stunning farmhouse dining tables each decorated with the most beautiful items. Whether it's the breakfast nook or the formal dining room, we spend a lot of time gathered around a table with family and friends enjoying food, sharing memories, and having lots of laughs. It only stands to reason that if you're going to spend so much time there, it ought to be pretty!

Step #1: Start with a base. Every table needs a runner. For smaller tables, you can even repurpose a woven rug to sit in the middle of the table if a runner just seems too long. Find lots of runner choices here.

Step #2: Build up layers using several different textiles and patterns for your place setting. Start with a placemat or charger then add a solid dinner plate. After that, you can really get creative. In this setting, we've added a printed napkin that matches the runner and topped that with a patterned salad plate that coordinates. Another option is to nix the salad plate and top the dinner plate with a greenery or floral ring instead. Top that with a napkin in a napkin ring to still get all the beauty that comes from layering! Find everything you need for your place setting here.

Step #3: If you have a 6 seater or less, choose a stunning centerpiece. It can be a grouping of several items or one long display. If you have an 8 seater or more, you can go with two anchor pieces on each end like lanterns or candle stick sets and go low through the middle. Avoid items that interfere too much with the visibility of people seated across from one another. Centerpieces are a great place to add greenery or fun seasonal items.

Swipe through for more table scape inspirations:

Photo Credit for top two photos: Jacqueline Reid Photography



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