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How to: Freshen Up Your Table Scape from Summer to Fall

It's the middle of July, and you're starting to get those end of summer blues. As you plan your last summer getaway or buy your kids' backpacks for the new school year, you are definitely starting to count the weeks you have left of summer vacation. If you want to hold on tight to the last half of summer by freshening up your dining or breakfast table, we can help you with a look that will get you excited about the second half of summer and the transition to fall.

When you need a change, it's okay to pack away some of your bold summer florals and replace them with more neutral greenery. We love the deeper green in this place setting. Notice that the placemat (here) still has a light airy vibe, but the deeper greenery (here) and wooden pear (here) hint that fall is coming.

Since we're not quite ready to move on to darker woods and barks until fall, keep your lantern and other wood textures light. We love these lanterns (here) for the freshen up, because they have that natural wood look without being too dark. It is still summer after all.

Don't be afraid to let your runner be the star! This denim blue tie dye runner (here) would definitely get you excited about what's left summer! It is not only completely on trend, but the color and print are transitional and complement the greenery so well. This has to be one of our favorites! A runner that is all over neutral or light neutral with a touch of black would work as a transitional backdrop as well. Everything about this table scape says we're holding on to summer but clearly gives a nod to the season ahead. Keep your house looking fresh and soak up every drop of summer with this transitional table scape!



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