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It's a dangerous job...

It's a dangerous job, but someone's gotta do it! Today, I gave my screened in deck an extreme makeover. What's dangerous about that? Hanging curtains two stories high with nothing but a fabric screen between you and the mulch below.

The porch began as just raw treated wood and a ceiling fan. After using a solid stain on the interior and exterior and adding some great porch furniture and a rug, we finally decided to hang curtains and I couldn't love it more! Here are some before and afters...

(Look at that adorable little model!)

What a difference the paint and curtains make to really brighten up this outdoor oasis. In addition to the inside of the porch the outside got a makeover as well. Here are the before and afters of that. Also note the height of those curtains I was hanging! Eeeeek! A good gust of wind, and I would have been in trouble.

Next step is going to be a patio where the mulch is, but that's another project for another day! Now I'm off to The Market to find all the good accessories for my new relaxing space! You can shop our outdoor collection here. We're adding more and more every day!



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