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Coming to The Market in 2021

Everyone wants to know what the trends will be in home decor for 2021. What will we see hanging on from last year and what new trends will emerge? Here's what you can expect from Three Little Birds this Spring...

market of clay pots

1. Outdoor Spaces

2020 taught us the importance of inviting and cozy outdoor spaces, because let's face it, that's where we spent a lot of time entertaining family and friends. Front porch sittin'. Back porch sippin'. Decorating our outdoor entertaining spaces will continue this spring with lanterns, pillows, signs. Anything that says come relax with me!

2. Soft Neutral Colors

Tan, beige, greige, bright white, soft white, cream, gray.....soft, warm neutrals are here to stay and we love it!

3. Mixed Materials

Matchy, matchy is so last decade! From furniture to wall art to table tops, no two things are alike. Now, that doesn't mean we are going eclectic. It just means that perfect symmetry is being traded for different but coordinating patterns and textures. Wood, metal, linens, greenery, texture - it all works together for imperfect beauty.

4. Simplicity

Another lesson thanks to 2020, is simple is better and more meaningful. This starts with our homes. Clear the clutter and decorate with items that speak happiness in your home.

5. Thoughtful Gifts

One great way to let your loved ones know you're thinking about them is to send them a unique and thoughtful gift. The Market will have lots of unique gifts and gift baskets that are shippable to tell anyone, anywhere that you are thinking of them. Share the love this year!

2021 is here! And we are here to help you make your home and life beautiful!

Shop with us online here or in store at 225 East Main Street, Clayton, NC 27520.



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